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It is our goal to offer the finest in upland bird hunting. We start with the finest birds, release them in some of the best cover and take you hunting with the best hunting dogs in the world. These birds are the most beautiful and hard flying birds you are likely to encounter anywhere in the country. We go the extra mile in rising out birds. Each year we plant grain and continue to improve our grass lands for optimal bird habitat. If you hunt with our dogs you will be hunting behind one of the hardest driving hunting dogs in the world. These dogs will not stop until you do and quit often are still ready to go for more. The Deutsch Drahthaar is considered the leader of all versatile hunting breeds. They are skilled at pointing sitting birds, tracking runners or cripples as well as retrieving your shot birds no matter where they have to go to get them. On top of all this we strive to provide a safe, fun and relaxing day a field.