We would like to thank you for visiting our Game Bird Pages. We hope that we will be able to supply you with your game birds. We're a small game-bird breeder specializing in small orders for the individual hunter, hobby farmer, or anyone wanting to raise one of the most colorful game-birds available, the ring-necked pheasant.  In addition to Pheasants we sometimes  have Quail and Chukar.

We are currently taking orders for Pheasant eggs, chicks and partly or fully grown birds for the 2015 season

Although we feel we offer an excellent price on our pheasant chicks, cost should never be the main reason to purchase from a particular hatchery. Every year we have numerous comment on how much more wild our birds are than birds purchased from other game bird farms. We believe this is largely due to the way we hand select our breeders.  We also cull our birds early so that weak or inferior birds never have a chance to enter our breeding pens.  All of our birds are raised in the wildest conditions we can give them reducing human contact as much as possible. Doing business this way may cost a little more but we think it is well worth the effort.

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