Chick Care

 Feed and water at once upon arrival. Dipping Chicks beck in water will encourage drinking.

 Feed a high quality game bird starter feed. Regular chick starter does not have the high protein required for gamebird chicks.

 Do not put chicks in any type of wood chip or sawdust. Chicks can be put in a brooder on newspaper, hay or straw or on wire.  If using wire place papers on wire for the first week.

 Keep chick at 95 degrees F. for the first week. Lower temperature 5 degree F. per week until temperature reaches their coldest room temperature (typically 75 degrees F. at 5 weeks).

 Cover brooder by one week old.

Egg Care

 Rotate eggs daily until incubation begins. Place in incubator as soon as possible. Eggs should not be stored for more than 5 days before incubation.

 Keep eggs at 60 degrees F. until incubation or as close to this temperature as possible.

 Incubator temperature should be 99.5 Degree.

 During incubation rotate eggs 2 - 5 time daily.

 Keep water in incubator (humidity is very important).

 Stop turning eggs after 21st day of incubation.

 Incubation takes 24 days.

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