2001 Season

Maryland's Trapper Convention

Andrew watches one of the veteran trappers at work making a dirt hole for fox.


Andrew and Ron Leggett Smile for the camera after Ron gives some helpful advice


Andrews first catch.

This raccoon taken during trap line run at the Maryland's convention using Leggetts K-9 Exciter lure.



Ranch and local area Catches

November 13th


Aaron Checks out Dad's first Coyote


 This spot is just 300 yards from our house and has taken more red and gray fox than any other location we set.


Sleep Creek 1-1/2 offset doing its job well

My favorite fox trap


November 18th

Aaron's first coyote came on the last trap of the last day.


November 18th

We couldn't have ended our week of trapping any better than this mix catch


Some of the fur we put up

Our total for the season

15 Gray Fox

12 Red Fox

9 Raccoon

3 Coyote