Thursday October 27th I raced home from work to get my work done a get a few traps in the ground.  I managed to set 4 #2 Northwoods on neighboring farms.  The next day one trap I set near the farms bee hives was set off with bear fur on the jaws.  This a first for me but I was still disappointed with no other catches.  Again Saturday and Sunday let me with empty traps.

The next Thursday I again race home to uncover my traps and give it another try.  But this week I decode to swing but Leggetts Trap Supply to pick up a bottle for their #2 fox lure.  I got home in time to get the work around the ranch done and uncover the 4 traps as well as give each a squirt of Leggetts #2 fox.  The next morning I swing by my sets to find a red fox and a medium coon.  Thinking the this is more like it should be.  Reset the 2 traps with a small refresh of the Leggetts lure.  Saturday having a hunt scheduled for the morning I did not get to check traps until a little after noon.  Coming across the first field I see a red in the same trap as the day before.  Not to surprised at this, I dispatch the fox and head to the other farm.  After releasing a cat I head to the last trap.  As soon as I turn into the field road I can see that there is something at the trap.  Getting closer I see that it is a coyote.  Getting out of the truck to see my catch I notice two coon in the tree that the trap is set beside.  Today I remembered my camera so here it is.

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